Congratulate GINTEC's Indian Agent Krithi Engineering moves to their New Office Building

发布于: 2022-07-13 19:30

Krithi Engineering, GINTEC’s exclusive distributor, moved to its own new office building recently. Krithi Engineering established in 2016, located in Hyderabad, has achieved a remarkable position in surveying industry.

GINTEC has cooperated with Krithi Engineering since 2021. The sales volume of G20, G20M, and G30 has achieved aconsiderable amount in India through Krithi Engineering.Adhering to the concept of “Based on Integrity, Success in Quality", GINTEC dedicates to providing high-quality and competitive products to customers. In the future, GINTEC will continue long-term cooperation with Krithi Engineering. 

GINTEC will continuously move forward to upgrade GINTEC products in order to enhance users’ experience. We will grow up and make progress with our partners together.

In addition, GINTEC hereby declare that, Krithi Engineering is the sole agent of GINTEC in India and it is not authorized that other companies sell GINTEC products. For those unauthorized selling actions, GINTEC reserves the right to pursue legal liability.





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