NGS Certification Finished on Antenna Calibration for G20M(New) and G30

发布于: 2022-09-06 18:23


Geodetic and precise GNSS measurements make the exact knowledge of the reception characteristics of the used GNSS antennas and therefore a calibration necessary. With the pursuit of high precision of products, GINTEC entrusted the third party, GeoService GmbH, to do antenna calibration on  G20M(New) and G30, corresponding to the certification name GING20M NONE and GING30 NONE. 


Robot-based Geo++R-GNPCV Real-Time Calibration is applied to get absolute GNPCV Type Mean. Absolute PCV acquired contain the following characteristics: absolute 3D offsets, absolute PCV, PCV from 0° to 90° elevation, elevation and azimuth dependent PCV, free of any multipath influence. The resulting PCV are completely independent from the used reference antenna and allow the complete modeling of the receiving characteristic of the antenna. This is required for a combined use of different GNSS antenna types or for differently orientated antennas. Therefore, antenna calibrated with this method are suited for All-In-View applications (e.g. use on reference stations). 


Antenna calibration results on G20M(New) and G30 have been updated in NGS website. It will be beneficial to improving customer experience on GINTEC products with high precision, which is always committed by GINTEC.





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