ADM Monitor System


GINTEC Array Displacement Meter ADM deformation monitor system is our latest ultra-high accuracy(0.1mm), real time monitor solution. Array Displacement Meter ADM deformation monitoring system is composed of Array deformation sensor, data Acquisition instrument and Early Warning cloud platform. It can get variable data such as deep deformation, surface deformation and tilt angle… real time. Then early warning of dangerous area can be read through platform, mobile and email.
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Technical Parameters of ADM









 MEMS acceleration mode



 3 dimensions(X,Y,Z)


















 ± 0.5mm(32m )

 ± 1.2mm(32m )

 ± 1.6mm(32m )

 ± 2mm(32m )










 ± 1°

 ± 1.2°

 ± 1.5°

 ± 1.8°




 ± 0.2℃

 ± 0.3℃

 ± 0.5℃

 ± 0.8℃



 Record real-time (every segment)


 For data collect

1 second

 1 minute

 5 minutes

 10 minutes



 DC12V 3.2mA/segment





 200m under water(2MPa)





 25mm(maximum diameter)

 Magnetic field 


 No interference

 Electric field 


 No interference



 Track real-time



 0.5m/1m per segment, length can be customized

 Length of 

 ADM Array

 Can be customized (For Details, Please contact us)

 Maximum Joint 

 Band Angle






 Standard 10m(can be customized)

 Length of 




 Length of  Unsensorized  Near cable  Segment


 Range of 3D 

 Model Vertical