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Protect Yourself, My Friends!

Release date:2020-02-21     Author:     Visitors:19484

With a series of timely and effective measures put into effect, novel coronavirus(COVID-19) epidemic in China has been controlled effectively. Everyone in China is still struggling to fight with epidemic and sparing no effect to defeat virus. And now production also has been restarted orderly.

But we notice the epidemic in some other countries haven’t been controlled very well because targeted prevention measures haven’t been strictly taken. This situation really make us worried. Your safety is what we most concern. We sincerely hope everyone can protect himself well in this special time. Protect yourself is protecting your family, your friends or anyone you meet. Everyone is fine, the world will be fine.

This is a war without smoke, and maybe it’s going to be a fierce and cruel war, but if we unite as one, be strong and brave, we’re going to win this war together in the end!